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Secret Neighbor Review


Julie Ellis / 10 Sep 2020

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Secret Neighbor is a spin-off to the popular Hello Neighbor game. It is developed by the same studio and offers similar gameplay, but with the implementation of multiplayer.

Gameplay 4/5

The main gameplay formula is pretty similar to the original game. You control a kid who intends to sneak into his neighbor's house, and you have to solve puzzles to advance. However, there are now several kids working as a team, and the game is now online and session-based.

Another interesting element implemented in Secret Neighbor is that the Neighbor is not controlled by an AI anymore. One of the kids in the team is the Secret Neighbor under disguise. The players have to cooperate in solving puzzles and watch out for the betrayer among them.

Graphics 4/5

The graphics were also made better compared to the original game. Secret Neighbor still utilizes the same cartoony style and uses the same edgy design for the interiors of the house, but the image became more detailed and pleasant to look at.

The developers have worked with light, improved the animations, and even added some weather effects on the outside of the house. The game looks much more attractive than the original but remains of the same visual style.

Replay Value 3/5

The replay value is obviously higher in Secret Neighbor than it was in Hello Neighbor. It is not a single player one-time experience: the multiplayer element makes each game session differ from one another. However, the game does not yet have much content available, and it becomes a bit repetitive after playing a dozen games.

Controls 5/5

The controls are as good as they were in Hello Neighbor. In this game, you can control your character, interact with objects to solve puzzles, and communicate with other players. It is easy to learn and to start playing Secret Neighbor, you will not likely even need a tutorial.

Conclusion: Fans Will Love

The original Hello Neighbor game has become pretty popular since its initial release in 2017. The spin-off treats the fans of the original game properly, offering them a similar experience but with new mechanics and a higher replay value. They kept what the fans loved about Hello Neighbor and added something new, which is a great approach to creating a spin-off.

Game Highlights:

  • The replay value became higher;
  • The graphics look more attractive;
  • The new mechanics offer a similar experience from another angle.

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