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PDF File Reader Review


Amy Morton / 16 Sep 2020

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PDF Reader is an app to view and edit PDF files. It is available for free on Android and has more than a million downloads in Google Play with an average rating of 4.0.

Interface 3/5

The interface of PDF Reader is pretty average for the segment. Its viewing mode is great as the app is designed mostly for reading PDF files. Reading books or long documents will be comfortable with this app as the interface will be hidden most of the time.

Editing mode has a weaker interface. The tools tab is always attached at the bottom, which is not very attractive and negatively affects usability. It is easier to find features this way, but it still feels like an outdated design.

Features 3/5

The feature set of PDF Reader is also pretty average for the segment. You can read PDF files, perform basic editing, and share files in several ways.

Viewing documents is comfortable, as we have mentioned above. The app offers an optional night view feature, which makes reading in the dark more comfortable. You can also zoom the documents in or out for a better perspective and easier recognition.

Editing is very basic as the app is designed mostly for reading. You will be able to insert or edit text or images, but that is pretty much it about editing with PDF Reader.

Usability 4/5

The app does not have many features, but it makes it easy to use. PDF Reader is a great tool if you are just looking for an app to open and read PDF Files. There are features for customizing the view, you can hide the interface in reading mode, and everything is designed to make reading easy and convenient.

Compatibility 3/5

The app is only available on Android, and there are no specific requirements for the operating system's version. Rhythmic Apps, the developers of PDF Reader, are regularly updating their program and increasing the number of supported devices, but you will never know if your device is supported until you try to launch it.

Conclusion: For Basic Needs

PDF Reader is a great tool for basic needs. If you are not looking for an app to edit PDF files, scan them, or create new ones, and you just want to read PDF books, this app is for you. Otherwise, you might want to look for another software. The great benefit of PDF Reader is that the app is free to download on Android.

App Highlights:

  • Reading is easy and comfortable with this app;
  • Several customization features for the reading mode;
  • Option to add a signature to the documents.

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