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Office Lens Review


Julie Ellis / 04 Sep 2020

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Microsoft Office Lens is a PDF scanning app for smartphones that allows users to create PDF files of high quality with the smartphone camera. It is developed by Microsoft and is available for free on Android and iOS.

Interface 5/5

The interface of Office Lens is almost perfect. It is very minimalistic and allows you to focus more on the document than on the buttons blocking the view. The app has a stylish design with minimalistic icons that illustratively represent the corresponding features.

It is not only pleasant to look at Office Lens, but it is also comfortable to use it. The navigation is pretty clear, thanks to the proper structure of the menus. And features are always accessible in one or two taps, making it a very effective tool as well.

Features 4/5

Unlike most other programs by Microsoft, Office Lens does not have a wide list of features. Nevertheless, Office Lens is a great app to make instant scans with the camera of your smartphone.

First of all, there are several capture modes, which have different recognition presets. You can snap whiteboards, printed documents, or even written text, and the app will correctly recognize the captions and carefully capture the formatting.

It is also capable of recognizing text from different angles: you will no longer have to accurately point your device on a right angle with the object of shooting.

Usability 5/5

Usability is also extraordinary with Office Lens as the app does almost everything automatically. All you have to do is to select what you are scanning, take a picture, and apply some editing if necessary. The app is extremely easy to learn and very comfortable to use.

Compatibility 4/5

Office Lens is also compatible enough to run on most devices properly. In order to download it on Android and iOS, you will need to have at least Android 5.0 or iOS 12.0 installed. The list of supported devices is impressive, and the app is very stable and well-optimized.

Conclusion: Snap Scans

Office Lens is a great tool to make quick scans of high quality. It supports several shooting templates, there are lots of export options, and it recognizes the text accurately. It is also deeply integrated with other Microsoft software, which allows you to send the fresh scans directly to PowerPoint, Word, or OneDrive.

App Highlights:

  • Great usability thanks to a perfect user interface design;
  • Very accurate text recognition;
  • Lots of options to export scans.


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