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Microsoft Excel Review


Amy Morton / 14 Sep 2020

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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet app for analyzing data, performing calculations, and many more. It is developed by Microsoft, and you can download it on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Interface 4/5

The interface of Excel corresponds to all standards of Microsoft's software: it is very functional and effective once mastered, and it is rather easy to understand for basic features. The number of panels showing on the screen at the same time might be a little bit confusing, but the app does a great job in fitting lots of features to a comparably small interface.

Features 5/5

Excel is the most powerful and functional table editor available. It offers tons of features for structuring data, creating graphs, editing the visual style of the tables, and many more. There is nothing you cannot do with a table in Excel, and it is the professional tool used by many companies to analyze data.

The mobile edition is also great when it comes to creating simple tables and graphs or editing spreadsheets. You can also synchronize your files through OneDrive, which makes using Excel on the go even a better idea. The mobile version perfectly complements the desktop experience and allows you to switch from PC to mobile and back without having to cross-send files.

Usability 3/5

The usability might not be the best point about Excel. It is comfortable to use the software once you master it, but learning might take much time thanks to the amount of stuff Excel can do. The learning curve is pretty straight, but it will require some patience before it becomes the most effective tool in your arsenal.

Compatibility 4/5

The compatibility is pretty good with Excel. You can download it on Android 6.0 and higher devices and on iOS 13.0. The list of supported devices is pretty wide, but for massive data tables with hundreds of thousands of entries, the performance will depend on the power of your smartphone.

Conclusion: Must Have

In case you are working with data, Excel is a must-have tool. In case you are looking for a mobile-only app, there might be more comfortable alternatives, but if you need to work both on PC and on mobile, Excel is your choice. It has the widest range of features available and supports synchronization through OneDrive for you to easily continue working on the go.

App Highlights:

  • All the necessary features for data analysis;
  • Great visualization tools for creating graphs;
  • Synchronization with PC through OneDrive.

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