Google’s New Work-Tracking Service Available Now

Google’s incubator Area 120 has already come up with many interesting projects like Fundo, AdLingo and others. And now they are introducing a new work-tracking tool named Google Tables, which is basically an automated database that synchronizes different information between different files and makes tracking very visual and functional.

According to the developers, work-tracking is now a significant problem in many companies’ workflows. Management teams spend lots of time on keeping the tracking files updated and synchronized manually, which obviously takes the time they could use on some real work. One of the main objectives of Google Tables is to automate this updating and synchronizing between different files. Another important aim of this tool is to consolidate data and present it in a comfortable view.

The tool will work and be deeply integrated with other tools by Google. With Tables, you will be able to import Google Sheets data, there will be an option to send it to Google Groups and even to distribute tasks between your Google Contacts. The tool is capable of presenting the data in various ways, making it suit most preferences possible. The automatic synchronization is also great, as it allows other users to input statuses without you having to grant them access to different documents.

Just like most other Area 120 projects, Tables will not be completely free to use. There will be a free edition for individuals, which will allow storing up to 100 tables and 1000 rows, but the rest is offered as a paid subscription. The subscription price will be $10 per month, and it will allow users to store ten times more tables and rows. The paid edition will also enable larger attachments and some advanced features like forms, history and sharing.

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