From G Suite to Google Workspace

Through the last years, Google has been working hard on developing and improving their G Suite-related services. They have made G Suite a great all-in-one tool for entrepreneurs and the latest major update rebrands G Suite to Google Workspace.

The rebranding does not negatively affect the features and services provided by the platform: Docs, Gmail, Drive, Meet and others are still available. However, the update adds new integrations with other Google’s services like Rooms and Chat. As for the features, which are not yet released, there will be some interesting updates to co-working and collaborating. Creating documents and other files and collaborating on them will now be available through chat rooms. The user experience will also be enhanced as the files will be available as previews, without having the user to open a new tab. Viewing documents and other files will also be available as an overlay, just like the picture-in-picture feature of Google Meet.

According to the company, there are two main reasons for such rebranding. First of all, Google wants its services to be more associated with Google. Such naming will not only increase the brand recognition but will also provide a better understanding of the platform as one place for Google’s work-related services. Another important reason for the rebranding is that the original G Suite has evolved much since its initial release in 2016. The company, therefore, wants its platform to be associated with something new and more progressive.

As for the pricing changes, there are several transformations in the offered plans. The plans of $6 and $12 per month are still available, but there is also a new Business Plus plan for $18 per month. The latter includes new security features and some additional tools as well.

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