Facebook’s Portal Gets Netflix, Zoom and More

Facebook is continuing to develop and enhance its Portal devices. On the 6th of October, the company announced that the lineup is getting a series of updates, which will add several significant features and services.

Despite the Portal devices offering several streaming and communicating apps, the most popular ones were missing. The first update is already published and adds Netflix and Zoom support for all the devices. Zoom will allow Portal users to gather in conferences with up to 25 people on screen. This is definitely aimed at Portal smart displays, which have built-in cameras and will now allow easy conference in Zoom. Netflix is already available on Portal as well, and launching it will become much easier for the users: the company has introduced a new remote control with special buttons for streaming services.

Facebook did not forget about its Story Time as well. The library of this service is also getting updated by new interactive stories and some of the stories are even getting new AR interactions. This is a separate content update and it is expected to be published before the end of the year. Speaking of the AR features, there is an update for them too. There will be new effects in the Photo Booth, and the service will support voice commands with an upcoming update.

Apart from other small updates, Portal is now supporting Spanish language and will support more in the future. Nevertheless, the on-screen captions can already be displayed in Italian and French. The mentioned updates will come to all the Portal devices, including Portal TV, Portal Mini, Portal and Portal+. The Netflix implementation is obviously focused on Portal TV, which is why the company is releasing new remote controls with better user experience.

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