Evernote Reinvents Itself with a Redesign on iOS

Evernote was always a strong player on the note apps market. Their app has been a great tool to keep notes and synchronize them between several devices, but the company now faces a downfall. Four key executives left in 2018, the app has been pretty stagnant since, and the competitors are taking more and more market share. It is pretty logical for the company to come up with some refreshments, the first of which is the newly released redesigned iOS app.

There are basically two important features of this update. The first one is the user interface redesign: Evernote has become a more user-friendly tool with a less overloaded interface. There are some new features for better user experience as well. For example, you can now structure your notes in a more comprehensive way by using the new table and headers configuration options. Some features have been reworked for better accessibility: there is now a functional insert feature, which decreases the number of taps you need to do.

The second important feature is the change of the codebase. The problem was that Evernote had different code on different platforms, which became a more significant issue with each new update implemented. This has also kept the company from implementing more cross-platform features, as the apps were not really compatible with each other. The iOS redesigned app is only the first in line: Evernote is changing their Android, Windows and Mac apps as well in the upcoming weeks.

The particular iOS update does not significantly change the features, and a common user will only notice a change in the user interface. However, the codebase change gives Evernote the potential for new cross-platform features that we might see in the future.

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