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Solano Supersolano 232K 1875 Watt Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Solano Supersolano 232K Hair Dryer is good for any woman who wants her hair dried fast.  Most hair dryers out there take a lot of time to dry hair. The story, however, is not the same with Solano Supersolano hair dryer.  No more time wasting when drying here. It is fast and efficient. It also maintains the quality of hair. What more can anyone want out of the best hair dryer?


  • extremely high power of 1875 watts;
  • detachable rear air filter;
  • long string with hang ring;
  • consist of two concentrators;
  • speed adjustment and temperatures settings;
  • cold shot button;
  • infrared heat for fast drying;
  • ceramic;
  • AC motor with high performance;
  • low EMF.

Who is it for?

Solano Supersolano 232K Hair Dryer is essentially designed for women with style and fashion sense.  It is a perfect product for drying long and short hair, for old and young women alike. It is also a dryer for people who desires to keep their hair shiny and healthy.  The dryer is also designed in black and red color for everyone who loves either red or black color.

Pros and Cons

Solano Supersolano 232K Hair Dryer is a good dryer with powerful motor that makes it fast in drying hair. It solves the problem of sitting under dryers for a very long time just for the purpose of drying hair.  Using Solano hair dryer to dry hair makes it very fast. Yes, people can now dry their hair in half the normal time. This is of course what every woman will love. After all, nobody will like to waste time in drying hair.  Therefore, Solano hair dryer is the best for women who want their hair dried up fast. The product is also of a very high quality and durability. It is expected to last for 10 solid years and even more depending on usage.   One important aspect of Solano Supersolano 232K Hair Dryer is that it does not make noise while in use. Most dryers of its class do make noise, but not Solano hair dryer. Little noise and great power while in use. The grip of the hair dryer is also very comfortable with no stress attached.

The only thing someone complained about the Solano Supersolano 232K Hair Dryer is that it is too heavy.  The size is about 2lbs. Well, this is the only negative complaint received so far.

Why you should buy it

Solano Supersolano 232K Hair Dryer is the best hair dryer so far because of its speed in drying.  No matter the size of the hair or its length, the hair dryer is equal to the task. It also brings out the beauty of any hair.  Not only that, the price is relatively cheap with the discount attached to it.


All these features and advantages have taken this hair dryer to a new level, making it the best of its kind.

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