Mascara Trends For 2019

Nicely, another decade is behind us and it really is wonderful to see how significantly things have changed considering the fact that the new century rang in ten years ago.

Styles have most surely changed, particularly in the style globe. In between clothing and makeup, it seems like what’s hot evolves some extra each year and 2019 ought to be no exception.

I’m a fan of mascaras so I’m going to base this report about some of the ideal eye makeup around. Selecting up where 2018 left off, let’s take a look at a few mascara trends that we can count on to see in 2019.

You have most likely noticed that extended eyelashes are in suitable now. It seems like everyone desires to lengthen theirs, and there is no better way to accent some extended eyelashes than with mascara.

1 factor that people are carrying out is applying extra than two coats of it as an alternative of the standard two. Though people today in the past normally frowned upon this by saying that this is overdoing it, such is no longer the case as heavy is in. This is the very best way to get the thick, extended lashes that so many are striving for.

The second main trend in the world of mascara that I’ve taken note of is the presence of colored ones. Though neutral shades and tones had been normally the standard, colors are in, and in a massive way.

My preferred of the bunch is blue mascara. I would primarily recommend this if you have blue or green eyes, as it can definitely bring out some distinctive hues when applied appropriately. You can even amplify the effect by wearing a top that complements your arrangement.

As far as brands go, it looks like NARS and Christian Dior are two of the hottest ones correct now, and Cover Girl remains a reasonably priced mainstay as it has for years.

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