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Bio-Ionic iDry Nano-i5X Nano-Ionic Conditioning Pro Dryer

The Conair hot air brush is a quality, safe and easy to use hair dryer for all hair types. It is designed to protect your hair and to ensure that you do not get your hair burnt or scorched. It is unlike other hair dryers in that it does not dry out the hair or damage it – even over daily use or for long periods of time. So, still wondering if it’s a worthy buy? Take a good look at what this amazing hair dryer can do for you by reading this review and decide for yourself.


Main Features

  • 1500W powered motor;
  • variable Heat controls;
  • removable filter;
  • ionic nozzle especially for styling;
  • turbo fan.

Who is this for?

This hair dryer is great for you if you struggle with other hair dryers that burn or damage your hair. If you have frizzy hair and are tired of wasting money on buying and using hair products to smoothen your hair and protect it from heat damage – then the Conair is most certainly designed for you! It is definitely a recommended buy.

Pros and Cons

This hair dryer uses top-notch technology to moisturize your hair so that it does not dry out while it dries. This way, it does not become brittle and does not burn. The hair dryer is easy to use and the heat settings are great for adjusting the hair dryer to suit the needs of your hair in particular. The Conair straightens, smoothens and moisturizes and does this all while drying your hair – in mere minutes! You can get volume and shine buy simply using this hair dryer and no other products are necessary. No fuss. The hair dryer is also not as noisy as some models on the market are, so you can use it without having to worry about disturbing others who you live with or if you have to use it early mornings or late nights.

On the negative side, this dryer is not cordless so you have to sit near a plug point to use it. This is hardly a downside when considering the incredible pros of this hair dryer and all that it has to offer you as a user.

Why you should buy this product

This product is designed to take the best care of your hair while still offering you this quality at the most affordable and reasonable price possible. If you value the health of your hair, and if you are looking for value for your cash, then this product is the right one to buy.


Conair is not a five star rated product without reason. It is indeed a fabulous buy and has made it to the top of the hair dryer market with its high quality and affordability. It is a buy I recommend you to make, and one that I can assure you, you won’t regret in the future – long or near.

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